justonebeat (justonebeat) wrote,

I am leaving livejournal after a long time of being here, the past weeks have been so stressful and hard for me that I have been very overwhelmed. I know that I am not the best speller and that some people deal with me and don't mind, however there are many that just can't seem to stand it. I am sorry to those of you who I was rude to at anon-icon, after reading the comments I was just frustrated, and I aimed other anger in my life at those anons, I know that I didn't handle it in the best way that I could have done. I hope those anons can forgive me. Thank you for the support that I have received from those of you who have helped me!

capchallenge will now be ran by Cody who is a great mod so hopefully there will be no more complaining and everyone will be happy.
elitetardis will still be ran by vika, and the other coms I have also handed over to the mods.

Again, thank you to all the friends I have met here, maybe when I don't have as many things going on in my life I may be able to come back and be able to ignore those mean anons and speak to those people who are nice. Have a great year and a happy comfortable life, I will miss those of you who I speak to!  xx
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